Friday, September 23, 2011

FURminator Product Review

            I had a Siberian Husky named Butch when I was younger.  Like any husky owner, I experienced the effect of Butch blowing his coat 2 – 3 times per year (in addition to the regular shedding year round).  I had several types of brushed I used to groom Butch; he was never a big fan of being groomed, but I did my best to keep the shedding under control. 
Several years ago I started volunteering with the South Florida Siberian Husky Rescue.  While volunteering at one of the rescue’s Dog Washes I kept hearing about the Furminator.  It had been approximately 10 years since I lost Butch and didn’t ever recall hearing about a Furminator.  As I helped to wash, dry and brush more dogs at the rescue’s Dog Wash it seemed that the Furminator was always in demand, but I thought it was just another brush.
A few months later I ended up fostering a Siberian Husky named Lola (who I eventually adopted, along with another husky named, Harlen).  I went to a local pet store and purchased a couple of different types of brushes.  I did look at the Furminator, but didn’t purchase one because it was priced significantly higher than the other brushes. Lola definitely didn’t like being brushed.  She would nip at the brushes, making grooming unpleasant for both of us.  At the rescue’s next Dog Wash I tried the Furminator out and couldn’t believe how effective it was.  Furthermore, I was able to brush Lola and she didn’t nip at it at all!  (She still isn’t a big fan of being groomed, but I can tell the other brushes were uncomfortable for her; they were actually pulling out some hair).
Needless to say I purchased a Furminator and have never used one of the other brushes again.  I will use a rake before using the Furminator, especially when they blow their coats.  For Siberian Husky owners, a rake is also a must have grooming tool.  I now have a pet supply business, Harlo’s Healthy Pets, and I encourage every pet owner to include a Furmintor in their grooming tools.  They work well on cats and dogs; long or short hair.  I let customers try a Furminator on their own pets and they always are amazed at how effective it is.  If you haven’t tried a Furminator, or think it is more expensive than other grooming tools, just try it out and you will see for yourself.  It is well worth every penny.  Your pet will thank you, too!
*Review by David Neuwirth 

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