Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lola, Harlen, Ginger & Harley playing & keeping cool

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kong Dog Toys

Toys can actually serve several functions for your pet.  Some toys can help provide entertainment and fight boredom (which can lead to destructive behavior).  Other toys are designed to help stimulate your pet's mind, while other toys can actually have benefits for proper dental care.

There is no single perfect toy for your pet.  Different toys may provide different benefits.  Make sure your pet has an assortment of toys to keep him or her happy and entertained.  The toys featured below are some of the more durable toys that will also give your pet a good variety of entertainment and benefits.

The Kong Classic is one of the most popular selling toys for dogs (and one of the most durable).  Kong's exclusive, nontoxic red natural rubber is puncture resistant, super bouncy and chewer friendly.  Stuff treats or peanut butter inside the Kong Classic and watch your dog enjoy!  This toy is great to stimulate your dog's mind as he or she figures out how to get to the treats inside.  Kong Classic comes in several different sizes and is made in the USA.  If your dog is a heavy chewer, consider the Kong Extreme (same as the Kong Classic, but designed for heavy chewers).  This is a must have item for any dog owner!

The Kong Dental Stick is a great toy that actually helps clean your dog’s teeth.  The Dental Stick has ridges that clean your dog’s teeth as they get out the treat.  I’ve used peanut butter, yogurt and pumpkin (all of these treats work even better / keep your dog busy for a longer period of time if you freeze the Dental Stick after you put in the treat).  I’ve also used Zuke’s Mini Naturals as well.  The Dental Stick has held up well, but if you have an extreme chewer I would suggest just sticking with the Classic Kong.

- David Neuwirth
Harlo's Healthy Pets (Owner)