Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Jazz Brunch (May 2012)

Harlo's Healthy Pets will be a vendor at this event on Sunday, May 6, 2012.

SunTrust Sunday Jazz Brunch is an ideal way to relax and enjoy Fort Lauderdale’s scenic Riverwalk. This free, live, outdoor concert series brings the area’s best local jazz artists. Listen to the soulful sounds on four different stages on the first Sunday of each month from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Everyone is welcome to attend, including well-behaved, leashed pets. There is plenty of room to set up chairs, blankets and picnic baskets to experience the fabulous entertainment. Patrons can also stroll along the historic brick-lined walkway to enjoy live music while browsing items from local merchants and enjoying food from area restaurants.
May Performers
Christina Sichta on the Esplanade Stage
Debbie Orta Quartet on the Connie Hoffmann Gazebo Stage
The Chassidic Jazz Project on the Peck Courtyard Stage

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to Spoil your Dog….Without Adding on Extra Pounds

By David Neuwirth
Many people love to spoil their pets.  Often people show affection by giving treats; however, too many treats (or the wrong type of treats) can add on extra pounds.  Being overweight can lead to many health problems and even shorten a dog’s life.  The best way to show love to your pet is to help to keep them healthy and happy.
Dogs frequently gain weight from eating table scraps.  The occasional pizza crust, piece of a sandwich, or a few fries can put extra pounds on quickly.  In addition to table scraps, too many high calorie dog treats can put extra pounds on your dog.  For example, a large Milk Bone has 120 calories (a Medium has 40 calories).  Some people feed several of these treats per day, so you can see how quickly calories add up.
I like to give my dogs treats and they love to receive them.  I put the same amount of effort into examining treat ingredients as I do with their food.  A common misconception is that the larger the treat, the more the dog will enjoy it.  Your dog will be happy about any treat.  He / she will sit, roll over, or do any other trick for a smaller treat just the same as a larger size treat.  I generally use training size treats to give my dogs.  I can feel comfortable about giving multiple treats a day without adding on extra weight. 
I recommend Zuke’s Mini Naturals (especially for training).  These treats are only 3 calories each.  They are available in several flavors:  Chicken, Salmon, Peanut Butter and Rabbit.  Zuke’s Mini Naturals are made in the USA and don’t contain any wheat, corn or soy.
PureBites are another good quality treat.  They also come in several flavors, including Beef, Chicken, and Whitefish.  What I really like about these treats is there is only one ingredient!  The calories vary with the formula; they range from 7 calories to 12 calories per treat.  I seldom give my dogs a full PureBites treat; I usually break it in half (so the calories are even less and the bag lasts longer).
If you really want to be able to give treats to your dog but trying to cut back on calories, Fromm Low-Fat Treats only have 1 calorie!  The cheese formula seems to be the favorite for Lola and Harlen (my two Siberian Huskies). 
There is nothing wrong with wanting to give your dog treats, just remember to make sure the treats are quality and low calorie so you don’t inadvertently do more harm than good.  As in the case with most things, moderation is the key, but with treats 10 calories or less, you can feel less guilty about giving your pet several treats a day.
You can find all of these treats and more at Harlo’s Healthy Pets.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pack Walk in the Park (April 2012)

The next Pack Walk in the Park will take place on Saturday, April 28th at TY Park.
Pack Walk in the Park (group dog walk) is an opportunity to get some exercise (for you and your dog) and socialize with other dog owners (non-dog owners are welcome, too!).

We will walk the two-mile loop of newly paved pathways for walking, jogging, skating, and biking.  Plants to attract butterflies have also been placed along the park’s northern corridor.

TY Park requires all dogs to be on a 6' leash (no retractable / flexi leads). TY Park's admission fee is $1.50 per person (ages 6 and up)

After you enter the park through the toll booth, take your 1st right turn & park. You will see a red & white sign with a picture of a butterfly that says "Listen to Nature! Please turn down your radio." We will meet in this area and start walking at 9 AM (please arrive by 8:45 AM).

We will have some treats, samples, and some give aways for your dogs after the walk! *

Info on TY Park:
The Seminole Indian name of this 150-acre urban park, Topeekeegee Yugnee, means “meeting or gathering place.” T.Y. is well known for its shady picnic areas, numerous shelters, and a gazebo.

TY Park is located at 3300 N Park Road in Hollywood, FL

*This event is sponsored by Harlo's Healthy Pets and Kat Walking Dogs
For additional information: 954-667-7387